Adrian Gronau

Fullstack + Mobile Software Developer


As a senior software developer, I have worked with many technologies in my 9 years of professional experience but specialized on web and backend technologies lately. My first experience, however, was in iOS development when I developed and distributed my own apps in addition to freelancing (the most successful app achieved 120,000 downloads in the first week). Currently, I am leading the backend team of the ArtNight Group consisting of five (amazing) developers.

Work Experience

Team Lead Backend - ArtNight / Realtainment GmbH (since Jan. 2022)
For the ArtNight Group, I manage the backend team consisting of five employees. In this position, I take on the responsibilities of two roles: Engineering Manager and Lead Developer.

Development Consultant - Endava GmbH (Nov. 2021 to Dec. 2021)
As a backend developer, I implemented changes in the online store of a well-known German customer. Unfortunately, I had to realize that I would not be happy here in the long term due to the size of the company and had therefore left this position early.

Lead Developer - Lapromed UG (Oct. 2020 until Jun. 2021)
As the first employee, I took over the technical management of this e-health startup with four team members. The company failed due to poor marketing and a lack of necessary investments.

  • The architecture of the project consisted of a Django (Python) backend, a Vue (JS) frontend and a PostgresQL database. Additionally, development of an iOS and Android app was started but not completed.
  • Agile planning through weekly SCRUM sprints (via Azure DevOps)
  • Long-term planning of the feature and tech roadmap with the shareholders
  • Tracking and regularly discussing goals and working conditions with individual developers
  • Using Ansible to deploy the software and configuration to the decentralized customer servers

Senior Software Developer - Syrcon GmbH (Nov. 2017 until Nov. 2021)
My main focus was on the project "bonusScan" (loyalty systems) for which I was also the responsible developer. This product enables smaller cities and communes to strengthen their local retail by giving customers bonus points for their purchases. In the first four years of the project I was employed as a freelancer before I changed to a salaried position. Known partner cities include Ludwigsburg, Troisdorf, Heinsberg and Magdeburg.

  • The architecture of the project consists of a Symfony (PHP) backend, a Vue/Vanilla (JS) frontend, an Android merchant/terminal app, a MySQL database as well as iOS (Swift) and Android (Java) customer apps for the respective partner cities.
  • All subcomponents were either further developed or newly designed
  • Development of new features closely coordinated with the project management as well as the customers
  • Independent planning and implementation of technological decisions (e.g. move to another hosting provider, migration to Symfony 4, migration to Vue)
  • Introduction of new automated test strategies (unit, acceptance and live tests)
  • Implementation of a continuous delivery / CI pipeline (Jenkins) with a separate test system
  • Development of the new Turing-complete programming language Storyboard for use in the merchant/terminal app
  • Implementation or enhancement of a modern, responsive front-end design
  • System administrative server maintenance partially taken over

Freelancing (since 2013)
In the years from 2013 to November 2017, I accepted contract work in addition to creating and distributing my own software products. After the employment at Syrcon GmbH began, the amount of freelancing projects has decreased significantly.

  • Implementation of websites and apps (iOS + Android) for local companies (e.g. a weekly newspaper in Falkensee or an event organizer in Berlin)
  • Creation of apps already in 2013 for Syrcon GmbH to which I later moved to
  • Development and distribution of the app "Das Formelwerk" which reached more than 120,000 downloads in the Apple App Store within one week and ranked 3rd among all apps. Later followed an Android app and web application which could not reach a comparable commercial success.
  • Gathered accounting and administrative experience by founding my own company in 2014. Annual balance sheets, payrolls and all other documents have been created independently by me without a tax consultant.
  • Founding of the startup "addup UG" where I took over the role of the technical founder. The company failed due to a change in the iOS operating system which made our unique selling proposition invalid.

M.Sc. Computer Science - Technische Universität Berlin (2021)

  • Focus on many practical projects that took place in conjunction with partners such as Daimler Vans or the MCC department. In two projects I took on the role of project manager and was able to achieve the best possible grade with my group.
  • Notable modules: Foundations of Data Science, Enterprise Computing, Compiler Design, Brain-Computer-Interfacing and International Information Security Contest

B.Sc. Business Informatics - Technische Universität Berlin (2019)

  • The basic structure of the degree consisted of 75 % computer science and 25 % business administration. The intersection of the two disciplines was particularly addressed.
Open Source Projects

SimRa Visualization - Open on GitHub

  • Data from cyclists is collected via an Android app and sent to a central server (developed by the TU department MCC)
  • As a study project a Vue/Spring Boot web application was developed under my leadership
  • Through funding from the Eichwalde city council in 2020, further features like surface analysis or stopping times were added
  • The visualization is now available in many German cities and enables the municipalities to identify danger spots for cyclists and to extend bike lanes specifically where they are needed

EnoEngine / CTF Service - Open on GitHub

  • For the Capture-the-Flag event EnoWars 5 I have extended the engine with a new scoreboard
  • I developed the service Medchat in advance for this event

I have already worked with the following programming languages / frameworks / technologies:

Android Angular Ansible Apache HTTPD AppleScript Arduino Assembly (x86) Bash BASIC BISON C C++ C# Clang CoffeeScript CSS Django Docker DynamoDB Elasticsearch Ethereum Fortran Ganache GCC Github Actions Go gRPC Haskell iOS Java JavaScript Jekyll Jenkins Kibana Kotlin Kubernetes Laravel LaTeX LESS LLVM Logstash MongoDB MySQL NGINX Node Objective-C PHP Pimcore PostgresQL Prolog Python R React Redis Ruby Rust Sass Scala Solidity Spoink Spring Boot SQL SQLite Storyboard Swift Symfony TensorFlow TypeScript Vue Wordpress .NET

[One is not a technology but a Pokémon - can you spot it?]

profile for tharkay at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers
profile for tharkay at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers
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